Medicine Wheel Wellness provides a holistic approach to injury recovery, fitness, and prevention of illness and disease through an integration of modern medicine and ancient wisdom. The mission of Medicine Wheel Wellness is to offer complementary health and wellness services to optimize all aspects of well-being physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally with the vision of overall improved access to holistic healthcare services for all. Medicine Wheel Wellness houses multiple providers, including Excel Physical Therapy, along with Chiropractic Care, Cash-based Injury Care services, Fitness & Pilates, Yoga, Personal Training, Massage, Chinese Medicine, Energy Therapy, Nutritional Health, Mental Health, AromaTherapy, a Healing Arts Gallery, and retail Wellness Boutique.
Optimal wellness is about finding balance and being your best inside and out. Wholefitbeing offers comprehensive wellness services including Health & Wellness Coaching, Functional Fitness Training, Therapeutic Massage and MELT Method foam rolling techniques to help you reach your wellness goals. They strive to provide clients with the education, tools and skills to improve their overall well-being. The best way to start new habits is to BEGIN. So join Wholefitbeing on your journey to a better self NOW. They are conveniently located within our Downtown clinic.
Wright Training is conveniently co-located with our South clinic. Wright Training is committed to increasing strength, performance, and preventing injury in a fun and safe environment whatever your athletic endeavor. Employing certified strength coaches and personal trainers with corrective exercise training, Wright Training offers one-on-one or group training sessions to meet your needs. A typical hour-long workout is unique, always including either a strength or a stamina session. Their workouts also always include core and durability exercises.
Studio J Pilates is a full-service Pilates studio with cutting-edge equipment from Balanced Body. The goal at Studio J Pilates is for every one of their clients to feel healthier, happier, and stronger through mat classes and one-on-one Pilates training. Studio J Pilates also incorporates the 10 principles of Pilates, which are awareness, balance, breathe, concentration, center, control, efficiency, flow, precision and harmony. Together, you and your instructor will navigate each of these principles to achieve a deeper level of connection between your mind and body. Studio J Pilates is located in the same facility as our South clinic.
“To recover from am ACL injury, it truly takes a village. Fortunately in Jackson Hole, we have top-notch experts who can help one get back into physical and mental shape. For me, the joint efforts of Excel Physical Therapy (credit to Erin Downey and Joe Sikkema), Studio J Pilates (credit to Michelle Sheldon and Jessica McMillan) and Wright Training (credit to Max Martin) have been what I needed.  The holistic combination works very well and I have seen improvement in my range of motion, strength and flexibility.  I highly recommend this team of experts.” –Mira L.